Regarding the denigration campaign against Homeopathy


Milan, July 26, 2017

According to the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.v (BPI) Homeopathy is effective, even “as first choice”. This is the result of a recent research by the Institute for Social Investigation and Statistical Analysis (FORSA).From August 1st , and indefinitely, in Switzerland, Homeopathy will be reimbursed, from basic health insurance, as reported in the “Usage of Complementary Medicine in Switzerland: Results of the Swiss Health Survey 2012 and Development Since 2007“.

Significant decisions which could become interesting news, but for unknown reasons, are not even considered.

On the other hand, even today another denigrating campaign against homeopathy is carried on, which obviously bother more than anyone. We read in the papers impacting titles, such as “In UK stop homeopathic prescriptions, they are just placebo”. This is not the case.

By the moment, the British Health System has fielded a sort of investigation, between doctors and patients, to evaluate whether homeopathy as well as herbal remedies, Omega 3, some pain killers and antidepressants, will no longer be reimbursed. It’s opposite from what has been highlighted.

We are bored with hearing this refrain: homeopathy is just a placebo, being that some systematic reviews with meta-analyzes such as “The conclusions of the effectiveness of Homeopathy highly depend on the set of analyzed trials”, published in an authoritative journal such as The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, attests its efficacy.

It is time to stop publishing news which discredit the widespread use of these drugs by doctors and pharmacists. Homeopathic drugs are legally recognized and are used, with successful treatment, by millions of patients worldwide. Whether one likes it or not, it’s a completely integrated reality in the modern medicine.

Simonetta Bernardini
SIOMI President, Società Italiana di Omeopatia e Medicina Integrata

Laura Borghi
SIMA President, Società Italiana di Medicina Antroposofica

Antonella Ronchi
FIAMO President, Federazione Italiana Associazioni e Medici Omeopati

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