Countering COVID-19, dengue and their mutants, using evolved homeopathy

Experts anticipate that the world will be fighting COVID-19 virus for many years next. This implies that Teens,allergic and non-vaccinated people (those who are not getting adequate supply of Primary Vaccines/ Boosters) need tolearn to “Live with COVID”, utilizing either of the two preventive methodologies presented here: one, principallybased on vaccinations developed by Allopathy (conventional-medicine) and the other on Evolved-homeopathy. Thepreventive methodology of Evolved-homeopathy for Flu (which was developed about two decades before COVID-19virus was born), and Allopathic vaccinations for COVID utilize the first fundamental-principle of cure (“Prevention isbetter than cure”). The second fundamental-principle of cure (“Nipping in the bud”) takes care, so that no organ-degeneration takes place. Those who take 100% effective Evolved-homeopathy preventive medicines for COVID,Dengue and their mutants, have been found to rarely require Evolved-homeopathy treatment medicines (except aftermissing the preventive medicine for several days), which is useful to prevent organ-degeneration and leads to health-promotion to near-zero disease-level as revealed from organ wise diagnostic-chart of GDV (Gas-Discharge-Visualization). It seems evident that COVID is dictating three conditions for “Living with COVID”, i.e., to employ (i)both first and second fundamental-principles of cure mentioned above; (ii) medicines that work like the best ofEvolved-homeopathy treatment medicines, with a focus on health-promotion, for preventing organ-degeneration; (iii)the global vaccination-drive by making it foolproof utilizing the 100% effective Evolved-homeopathy medicines forpreventing COVID from getting any breeding-ground among non-vaccinated people, to avoid developing formidablemutants that may defeat some vaccines/Boosters.

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