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Treatment of hemorrhoids with individualized homeopathy: An open observational pilot study

Aim: Controversies and disagreement exist on conventional treatment strategies of hemorrhoids due to relapse, inefficacy, and complications. We intend to evaluate the role of individualized homeopathic treatment in hemorrhoids. Materials and Methods:... [Leggi...]

Clinical research protocol to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of individualized homeopathic medicine in the treatment and prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic

Employing an integrative approach in the diagnosis and treatment of organic disorders (mental, general, and physical), homeopathy can act preventively in most acute or chronic diseases, moving forward to the process of their installation. To accompli... [Leggi...]

Effects of individualised homoeopathic intervention in Stage I essential hypertension: A single-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Background: Hypertension (HTN) is a leading risk factor for death and disability and responsible for over 1.6 million deaths in India. Clinical case reports, observational studies and randomised controlled trials show the effects of homoeopathic medi... [Leggi...]

Exposure to low doses of inorganic arsenic induces transgenerational changes on behavioral and epigenetic markers in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

The ability of environmental pollutants to alter the epigenome with resultant development of behavioral alterations has received more attention in recent years. These alterations can be transmitted and affect later generations that have not been dire... [Leggi...]

The impact of reflexology and homeopathy added to conventional asthma treatment on markers of airway inflammation – a randomised study

Background: Asthma is a common chronic airway disease associated with hyperresponsiveness and airway inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medication especially inhaled corticosteroids are important for control of airway inflammation, decrease of airway hy... [Leggi...]

Ultra-diluted Folliculinum 6 cH impairs ovine oocyte viability and maturation after in vitro culture

This study investigated the effect of Folliculinum 6 cH on the oocyte meiosis resumption and viability rates, progesterone production and mitochondrial activity after in vitro maturation of cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) in sheep. Sheep ovaries were... [Leggi...]

In vivo evaluation of antipyretic effects of some homeopathic ultra-high dilutions on Baker’s yeast-induced fever on Similia principle

Background - Homeopathy is a controversial alternative system of medicine. The action of homeopathic medicines is considered slow and it is assumed that homeopathic medicines are ineffective in acute conditions such as fever. Objective - In the prese... [Leggi...]

Individualized Homeopathy: A Consideration of Its Relationship to Psychotherapy

Objectives: The benefit and potential mechanisms of action of homeopathy have long been debated. Almost entirely neglected has been the study of individualized homeopathy (IH) as a form of psychotherapy, which incorporates factors that are common to ... [Leggi...]

Recommendations for Designing, Conducting and Reporting Observational Studies in Homeopathy

Background - Randomized placebo-controlled trials are considered to be the gold standard in clinical research and have the highest importance in the hierarchical system of evidence-based medicine. However, from the viewpoint of decision makers, due t... [Leggi...]

Interaction between Solvatochromic Dyes and Water Sampled from a Natural Source Treated with High Dilutions of Phosphorus

Background - Highly diluted and succussed solutions interact with solvatochromic dyes, indicating that changes in solvent and solute polarity could be related to their mechanism of action. It is not known, however, how the activity associated with su... [Leggi...]