WissHom publication: The current status of research into homeopathy

From ECHAMP, 14 Jun 2016

WissHom, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur Homoöpathie, the Scientific Society for Homeopathy, has published a 60-page reader in German on the current status of research into homeopathy, ‘Der aktuelle Stand der Forschung zur Homoöpathie’. The work has been developed with contributions from a prestigious team of well-known German-speaking scientists; chapters on the status of four different areas of research in homeopathy demonstrate, with full scientific references, that:

  • clinical experience: homeopathic treatment has a role in the everyday treatment by doctors
  • randomised controlled clinical trials: high quality RCTs show specific effects in which homeopathy is better than placebo
  • meta-analyses: four out of five meta-analyses show that homeopathic medicine is statistically better than placebo
  • basic research: experiments with cell culture, animals and plants show reproducible specific effects of high potencies.

The report concludes that a review of clinical research data adequately demonstrates the therapeutic effect of homeopathic treatment (effectiveness) and that the results of countless placebo-controlled studies, along with experiments in basic research, confirm a specific effect of potentised medicines (efficacy) (our translation).

WissHom is a network of doctors and scientists from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It was founded in 2010 and is based in Köthen, Germany. Its goals are to evaluate current knowledge of homeopathy and to foster homeopathic research, establishing excellent study of homeopathy including at university level.

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