Guide to Homeopathy

Curated by
Simonetta Bernardini, Tiziana Di Giampietro, Rosaria Ferreri,
Francesco Macrì, Gino Santini

The first edition (published in 2005) was distributed free of charge by SIOMI to 5000 doctors and pharmacists in Italy; 1000 copies were donated to the Tuscany region. The second edition of the Guide, (published in 2009) was printed by the Tuscany region and also distributed free of charge to thousands of medical doctors, pharmacists and veterinarians. This is the third edition, recently revised to adapt it to the latest scientific research acquisitions. On the occasion of the third edition, SIOMI wanted to translate the Guide into English to make it available to everyone.

This guide was written to provide notions on homeopathic medicine to doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists and all health professionals who wish to acquire knowledge on the subject. It was drafted with the aim of helping anyone who deals with health to provide interested citizens with informed
answers on the subject.

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