Katharina Gaertner, Sonja C. Lüer, Martin Frei-Erb, Klaus von Ammon

Complementary individual homeopathy in paediatric cancer care – A case series from a University Hospital, Switzerland

Compl Ther Med, 2018, 41, 267-270

The Department of Haematology/Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital Bern (HONK), has adopted an integrative approach in addition to state of the art oncological care and implemented a collaboration with the Institute of Complementary Medicine IKOM, University of Bern, over the past 10 years. Stakeholder satisfaction with this service was high. We present descriptive data and report on 4 exemplary patients treated with addi- tional individualized homeopathy (iHOM). Data concerning frequency of consultations, pathologies, follow-ups and clinical results were reviewed and summarized using descriptive statistics.

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