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Interaction between Solvatochromic Dyes and Water Sampled from a Natural Source Treated with High Dilutions of Phosphorus

Background - Highly diluted and succussed solutions interact with solvatochromic dyes, indicating that changes in solvent and solute polarity could be related to their mechanism of action. It is not known, however, how the activity associated with su... [Leggi...]

A Qualitative Investigation of Provers’ Experiences of Participation in Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials

Background - Information on homeopathic medicines is derived from “provings” or homeopathic pathogenetic trials (HPTs), in which people (often homeopaths and homeopathy students) are invited to take an unnamed and often untested highly diluted an... [Leggi...]

Homeopathic Clinical Features of 18 Patients in COVID-19 Outbreaks in Hong Kong

Background - Hong Kong is geographically located in the province of Guangdong which, after Hubei, has been the region of China second-most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the pathognomonic symptoms of the named disease, homeopathic sym... [Leggi...]

The Hydra-Headed Coronaviruses: Implications of COVID-19 for Homeopathy

Successful homeopathic prescriptions are based on careful individualization of symptoms, either for an individual patient or collectively in the case of epidemic outbreaks. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was initially represented as a severe acute res... [Leggi...]

Will We Miss the Opportunity Again?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by a new coronavirus, first appeared in late 2019. What initially seemed to be a mild influenza quickly revealed itself as a serious and highly contagious disease, and the planet was soon faced with a signi... [Leggi...]

Dilution-Induced Physico-Chemical Changes of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles Due to Homeopathic Preparation Steps of Trituration and Succussion

Background - Although the presence of starting materials in extreme dilutions of homeopathic medicines has been established, the physico-chemical changes of these materials induced by the manufacturing steps—that is, solid–solid mixing involving ... [Leggi...]

Characterization of Antimonium crudum Activity Using Solvatochromic Dyes

Background - The mechanism by which highly diluted and agitated solutions have their effect is still unknown, but the development in recent years of new methods identifying changes in water and solute dipole moments is providing insights into potenti... [Leggi...]

Efficacy of Homeopathy in Addition to a Multidisciplinary Intervention for Overweight or Obesity in Mexican Adolescents: Study Protocol for a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Background - Current recommendations for treating obesity in adolescence include a comprehensive approach (nutritional, behavioral, and exercise). Calcarea carbonica ostrearum (CCO) is a homeopathic medicine usually prescribed in obese individuals, b... [Leggi...]

Two Case Reports of Integrated Management of Antibiotic-Resistant Urinary Tract Infection

Background - Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are frequent in women. Cystitis after intercourse (post-coital cystitis) accounts for 60% of recurrent cases. Most physicians treat recurrent UTIs (R-UTIs) with multiple courses of antibiotics. The high pr... [Leggi...]

The Complexity of the Homeopathic Healing Response Part 1: The Role of the Body as a Complex Adaptive System in Simillimum-Initiated Recovery from Disease

Background - The concepts of complex systems science enhance the understanding of how people develop and recover from disease. Living systems (human beings, animals, and plants) are self-organizing complex adaptive systems (CAS): that is, interconnec... [Leggi...]