Kusum S.Chand, Priya Kapoor

Case reports on integrated management of tubercular disease

Homeopathy, 2017, 106 (4), 214-222


Background – Host immunity plays an important role in prevention of disease as is evident by the increased incidence of Tuberculosis (TB) in immuno-compromised population of HIV infected, diabetes inflicted, immune-suppressant therapy and elderly people. Rising incidence of antibiotic resistance has led to resurgence of TB of epidemic proportions. Integrated treatment with add on homeopathy in addition to anti-tuberculosis treatment (ATT) appears to improve outcome in TB. The intervention has been integrated treatment with homeopathy regime, which is using a patient specific, disease specific and supportive medicine simultaneously, all individualized for the patient and the disease. Case 1 – Pott’s spine with paravertebral abscess, not responding to ATT. Addition of homeopathy led to fall in temperature, improved appetite, increase in weight and reduction of abscess. Case 2 – Recurrent sub-acute intestinal obstruction. The patient could not tolerate ATT but responded to homeopathy by reduction of abdominal pain and distension, vomiting, loose stools and queasiness. Case 3 – Pulmonary TB, treated with both ATT and homeopathy from beginning, led to rapid recovery and shortened treatment time. Conclusion – The addition of homeopathy to ATT is patient friendly, cost effective and appears to reduces the duration of treatment. Its role as immuno-modulatory therapy should be evaluated and explored.

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