Action of Folliculinum 6cH on Folliculogenesis in the Snake Python Regius (Shaw, 1802) – Two Case Reports

Background - Folliculinum is a homeopathic sarcode medication that is mainly used for regulating the estrous cycle and reproductive function. In snakes, it is common to observe low frequencies of reproduction. Ovulation is related to follicular size and morphology, and follicle homogeneity may indicate the absence of problems such as dystocia (egg retention) or follicular stasis. Objective - The objective of the present study was to report on follicular stage changes in two ball pythons, Python regius (Shaw, 1802), which were treated using Folliculinum 6cH in a zoological park setting. Methods - Two female pythons – one weighing 2.8 kg, the other weighing 2.5 kg, and neither with a history of reproduction – were examined by ultrasound to enable viewing of ovarian follicles in different phases and sizes. Folliculinum 6cH, two globules diluted in 200 mL of water, was administered, targeted to the eyes and nostril regions. Results - Even given the slow metabolism of reptiles, ultrasound revealed an improvement in follicle homogeneity between 6 and 15 days after the start of homeopathy in both snakes; there was also improved weight gain in both animals. The MOdified NARanjo Criteria for Homeopathy (MONARCH) score was +8 in each of the cases, suggesting a causal relationship between the use of homeopathic medicine and clinical outcome. Conclusion – Folliculinum 6cH may have promoted stabilization of follicle size and enabled folliculogenesis in two ball pythons.

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