Siomi stands with the Covid19vaccination initiative, while also respecting absolutely the rights of every individual


In response to the letter that appeared in Repubblica on Saturday 16 October 2021 entitled: Homeopathy, swindle e no vax.


Florence, 2021, 18th Oct

In the past few days, prof. Garattini stated that, to understand therapeutic methods, we must always remember that healthcare is, first and foremost, a large market and that underlying economic interests are therefore relevant. As homeopathic doctors, graduates of Italian universities, who have voluntarily decided to adopt a therapeutic method in addition to the one we learned at the academy, we take this opportunity to say that we fully agree, even though we have been the subject of heavy criticism from prof. Garattini himself.

These economic interests condition, and have conditioned, the information as well as the content of books and popular articles to the point that detractors, beginning with Garattini, have always been careful not to report experimental evidence that contradicts them irrefutably. And also, because it would be embarrassing for them to explain why solutions (which they say contain nothing) can influence the gene expression of DNA, give rise to diffraction images in electron microscopy or modify the peptide chains of cytokines to inhibit interactions with the receptor.

Last but not least we would like to stress that at the beginning of the past century Hugo Schulz discovered what we now call hormesis; he used this (somewhat carelessly) to explain homeopathy. Schulz was nominated several times for the Nobel Prize but was rejected due to opposition from the pharmaceutical industry. His discoveries have been suppressed for nearly a century, even though they are widely mentioned in pharmacology texts today. The whole history seems to suggest that 600 million who use homeopathy constitute an attractive market.

Now, if hormesis has been currently adopted by our Society (SIOMI) to explain homeopathy, it is also true that homeopathic therapy has numerous limitations, especially in acute syndromes and it is unhelpful to think that in many cases we can achieve the same results as with the methodology that modern pharmacology has put at our fingertips. But it is also true that results are often achieved that conventional medicine is unfortunately not able to achieve and therefore we consider it appropriate to use both treatments, bringing them together under the term “Integrated Medicine”.

This is associated with the choices – unfortunately unhappy in our opinion – of some of our colleagues, as reported in a letter in Repubblica last Saturday. However, this is not a reason to make a blanket group of all herbs and associate the concept of cheating with a class of professionals. This is not justified by the behavior of one individual and is merely an indication of a lack of culture worthy of a poor man.

The members of the Board of Directors of this Society have been vaccinated and, in justifying their decision, they are pleased to recall that, from the foundation of homeopathy, vaccination was the most natural example for endorsing the methodology of homeopathic therapy.

for the SIOMI Board of Directors
Simonetta Bernardini, President

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