Jennifer Poole

Case history: Individualized homeopathy and severe chronic idiopathic neutropenia (SCN)

Homeopathy, 2010, 99 (3), 205-209


Background - Severe chronic neutropenia (SCN) places the sufferer at increased risk of bacterial infection, often requiring emergency hospital admission and long-term antibiotic treatment.Method - A single clinical case study of idiopathic SCN in a boy of 3 years and 8 months at the start of treatment individualized, classical homeopathic treatment was given. Neutrophil count was measured at: 5, 17, 21, 29 and 41 months after commencing treatment.Results - Low neutrophil count (0.6 and 0.3 × 109/L) was documented for 17 months prior to commencing treatment. After 17 months of individualized homeopathy, neutrophil count was 1.74, rising to 2.22 at 21 and 3.4 at 29 months treatment. Forty-one months after commencing treatment neutrophil count was 3.8 with an intermediate peak of 9 recorded during the year. As the child found the procedure distressing, blood testing was then discontinued by the parents.Conclusions - The child received no other treatment, including complementary medicine or antibiotics, while receiving homeopathic treatment. Individualized homeopathic intervention may be the catalyst for the resolution of idiopathic SCN in this case. However, as this was a single case, a controlled study is recommended as a next step.