Mariana Moreira Lensi, Tatiana Jurgensen Siqueira, Gustavo Henrique Silva

A Pilot Study of the Influence of Natrum muriaticum at 6CH and 30CH Potency in a Standardized Culture of Phaseolus vulgaris

Int J High Dil Res, 2010, 9 (30) 43-50


Mariana Moreira Lensi, Tatiana Jurgensen Siqueira, Gustavo Henrique SilvaThe use of highly diluted and dynamized solutions is widespread. Its use extends to all living beings, including vegetables, acting effectively in primary and secondary metabolism. The aim of the present pilot study was to confirm the action of Natrum muriaticum at 6 CH and 30 CH dilutions in comparison to the action of a 5.0% NaCl solution, when administered separately in population of Phaseolus vulgaris (common bean). An evaluation was performed by determining the Relative Growth Rate (RGR) of bean population treated for six weeks and subdivided into 4 groups (with 5 vases each): P1, the control group, which was treated with a 30% alcohol solution only; P2, treated with an aqueous 5.0% NaCl solution; P3, treated with Natrum muriaticun at 6 CH dilution; P4, treated with Natrum muriaticum at 30 CH dilution. The results obtained showed that an increase in soil salinity caused inhibition of the development of bean population (P2). In addition, the use of the Natrum muriaticum dilution promoted a significant increase in vegetable growth, chiefly related to the 6 CH (P3), causing a significant increase in the RGR of the bean population. The use of this high dilutions provided evidence that method is efficient in vegetables.