The São Paulo agreement on integrative pediatrics: A consensus-based document fostering integrative health of children and adolescents globally

Very relevant achievements in modern medicine have been achieved through a personalized precision medicine with targeted drug treat- ments and a detailed knowledge of the inter-working of molecular mechanisms.1 Recent epidemiological studies have shown that envi- ronmental factors during the fetal period to early childhood might affect the risk of non-communicable diseases in adulthood. These studies relate to genomic analysis, epigenetic analysis (DNA methylation), meta- genomic analysis (intestinal microbiota DNA), metabolomic analysis (such as amino acids and lipid metabolites), exposure to environmental chemicals and lifestyle. This is referred to as the developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) concept, a new branch of scientific knowledge. 2 These personalized and developmental approaches focus health interventions on molecular pathological processes within the body of an individual. At the same time, the systemic perspective on health and well-being provided by what the World Health Organization (WHO) refers to as Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medi- cine (TCIM), addresses the individual as a unique personality, or pre- sents characteristics within a constitutional pattern that offers a complementary and personalized perspective. 3 TICM is often better equipped to take into account the complex interactions of individual bodily, mental and spiritual needs in its cultural context and can draw on a wealth of experience regarding a long treatment tradition as well as a wide range of treatment options from a diverse cultural background. By combining these two treatment approaches and health perspectives, a unique macro-level bird’s eye view approach may be linked with the micro-level scientific magnifying glass precision. Over the last two de- cades, there has been increasing global recognition for the need to combine these two approaches.

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