D.Kalliantas, M.E.Kassalia, A.Georgiadou, Ch.S.Karagianni

The physical features – size and granularity – of solid materials are strongly affected by trituration in lactose, before turning them into homeopathic solutions

Mat Science Engineering, 2018, 93, 305_318

Trituration is a mechanical process (a form of comminution) for reducing the particle size of a substance. In this manuscript, six different Raw Solid Materials (RSM) which are used in Homeopathy after successive grindings are studied before they are turned into homeopathic solutions. The impact of trituration, with the presence of α‑lactose monohydrate (milk sugar) seems to be quite great and interesting because of the variety of grain size which largely differentiate the properties of the materials. The grain sizes obtained triturations by hand according to C. Herring’s suggestion leads, finally, measurement scale dimensions. The obtained results can be useful information for all the pharmacy industries, as well as for preparing any kind of powder.

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