Micro-nano particulate compositions of Hypericum perforatum L in ultra high diluted succussed solution medicinal products

The fact that many patients all over the world use homeopathic ultra high diluted succussed medicinal products, makes very interesting an explanation about the structure of them since until now only unconfirmed hypotheses are made. The present study focuses on the still unanswered questions about what happens with the chemical composition and the physicochemical properties of these products using Hypericum Perforatum L as a representative paradigm. All samples were prepared according to manufacturing procedures described mainly in S. Hahnemann’s “Organon” and were examined by SEM, XRD, FTIR, DLS micro Mastersizer, DLS nano Zetasizer, UV-Vis and TEM. Measurements of electrical conductivity and pH were effectuated by the appropriate devices. During trituration of source material in alpha-lactose monohydrate some functional chemical groups present in source material disappeared and some others new ones came in view at the end of the process. A differentiation upon physicochemical properties between the source material and final triturating product was viewed, as well as micro-nanoparticles in colloidal form in all potencies derived trituration or extraction origin were present. The findings showed that the whole preparation process leads to the creation of micro nanoparticles something that for solid origin these products are created by trituration and for extract origin products these nanoparticles exist from the beginning.

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