A Case of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection Successfully Treated during Homeopathic Supportive Care in Oncology

Introduction - A 32-year-old patient with colon cancer consulted for homeopathic supportive care (HSC). She had also suffered from recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTIs) for 20 years. Could homeopathy treat these two very different issues with the same medicine? The Patient’s Main Concerns - Though the main reason for the consultation was a fear of the side effects of chemotherapy, the presence of Escherichia coli-induced RUTIs affected the patient’s quality of life. Interventions and Outcomes - The repertory listing highlighted Pulsatilla as the patient’s homeopathic constitutional medicine. It was prescribed both for HSC and also for RUTI. In association with Arsenicum album and Nerves, Pulsatilla enabled a good tolerance to chemotherapy, with rapid recovery from peripheral neuropathies. In combination with Colibacillinum, Pulsatilla provided relapse-free curing of the RUTIs. The MOdified NARanjo Criteria for Homeopathy (MONARCH) Inventory score was +9. Conclusion - The one individual’s two different clinical complaints were treated with a constitutional homeopathic medicine, Pulsatilla, which covered the whole case. However, in HSC, the use of the constitutional remedy alone is rarely sufficient: it was reinforced by individualised symptomatic medication, organotherapy and isotherapy. For RUTI, isopathic and tubercular miasmatic treatments were each helpful. For both complaints, individualised homeopathy gave rapid, long-lasting and effective results.

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