Jürgen Palma, Vasyl V. Kishchukb, Àngels, Ulied, Joaquin Perotti Fernández, Sabine De Jaegere, Miek C.Jong , Thomas Keller, Anatolii Kosakovskyi, Kira Kompaniiets, Inga Mityuryayeva-Korniiko, Sergiy M.Pukhlik, Zoia Tretiakevych, Stephan Weber, Karin Wienhold, Petra Klement

Effectiveness of an add-on treatment with the homeopathic medication SilAtro-5-90 in recurrent tonsillitis: An international, pragmatic, randomized, controlled clinical trial

Compl Ther Clin Pract, 2017, 28, 181-191

Objective – To investigate the effectiveness and safety of the homeopathic product SilAtro-5-90 in recurrent tonsillitis. Methods – In this international, pragmatic, controlled clinical trial, 256 patients (6–60 years) with moderate recurrent tonsillitis were randomized to receive either SilAtro-5-90 in addition to standard symptomatic treatment, or to receive standard treatment only. The primary outcome was the mean time period between consecutive acute throat infections (ATI) within 1 year (analyzed via repeated events analysis). Results – During the evaluation year, the risk of getting an ATI was significantly lower (hazard ratio: 0.45, proportional means model, p = 0.0002, ITT) with SilAtro-5-90 compared to control. Tonsillitis-specific symptoms were significantly reduced (p < 0.0001, ITT) and the need of antibiotics to treat acute throat infections (p = 0.0008; ITT) decreased. 3 non-serious adverse drug reactions were reported for SilAtro-5-90. Conclusions – An integrative treatment approach where SilAtro-5-90 is given alongside mainstream symptomatic treatment may bring therapeutic benefit to patients suffering from recurrent tonsillitis.

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