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Food and Drug Administration Action Against Homeopathic Teething Tablets Lacked Evidence Base

A close examination of the incident reports to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding homeopathic teething tablets reveals a lack of evidence either for the FDA advisories regarding them or the media reports claiming that hundreds of infant... [Leggi...]

Lo studio farmacoepidemiolgico EPI3

Un paziente trattato con medicinali omeopatici ha lo stesso decorso clinico di un paziente in cura con farmaci convenzionali, senza perdita di opportunità terapeutica e con un minor consumo di medicinali che possono provocare effetti indesiderati. E... [Leggi...]

Economic impact of homeopathic practice in general medicine in France

Health authorities are constantly searching for new ways to stabilise health expenditures. To explore this issue, we compared the costs generated by different types of medical practice in French general medicine: i.e. conventional (CM-GP), homeopathi... [Leggi...]

Effect of Integrated Medicine on Physical Performances of Orthopaedic and Stroke Patients: A Propensity Score-Matched Study

Background: To evaluate the clinical efficacy of treatment with integrated medicine (acupuncture and homeopathy in addition to conventional treatment) in improving measures of physical ability. Data from medical records with patient-reported informat... [Leggi...]

Hormesis and Homeopathy: Toward a New Self-Consciousness

Contrary to common belief, most new discoveries and theories are not merely additions to the existing stockpile of scientific knowledge; in order to assimilate them, the scientist usually has to rearrange his intellectual mind, discarding elements of... [Leggi...]

Utilization and perceived benefits of homeopathy and herbal therapies in U.S. adults: Implications of patient-centered care

We evaluated reasons for and perceived benefits of using homeopathic and herbal therapies in U.S. adults. Data were collected from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, which represents non-institutionalized U.S. adults (n = 33,167 unweighted)... [Leggi...]

A retrospective cost-analysis of additional homeopathic treatment in Germany: Long-term economic outcomes

Objectives - This study aimed to provide a long-term cost comparison of patients using additional homeopathic treatment (homeopathy group) with patients using usual care (control group) over an observation period of 33 months. Methods - Health claims... [Leggi...]

Effectiveness of an add-on treatment with the homeopathic medication SilAtro-5-90 in recurrent tonsillitis: An international, pragmatic, randomized, controlled clinical trial

Objective - To investigate the effectiveness and safety of the homeopathic product SilAtro-5-90 in recurrent tonsillitis. Methods - In this international, pragmatic, controlled clinical trial, 256 patients (6–60 years) with moderate recurrent tonsi... [Leggi...]

Homeopathic medicine Cantharis modulates uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC)-induced cystitis in susceptible mice

Objective - This is a random blinded placebo controlled murine experimental model to study the effects of Cantharis 6 CH, a homeopathic medicine, on E coli-induced cystitis. Methods - 24 adult susceptible female BALB/c mice were inoculated with E col... [Leggi...]

Informing the homeopathic practice for Turkish pharmacists: reviewing the example of Portuguese community pharmacies

Introduction - Alternative and complementary therapy systems, such as homeopathy, have long been used around the world. Since 1995 homeopathy has been officially recognized in Europe as a system of medicine or a medical specialty. Portuguese communit... [Leggi...]